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SnapSHOT provides the notifications and reporting tools needed to address the many challenges of managing your employees and equipment while maintaining compliance with government regulations. Most importantly it is incredibly simple to use and understand so whether you are a seasoned safety officer or a data entry clerk you will have no problems using SnapSHOT to manage your company.

Some of the benefits of using SnapSHOT are:
  • Benefit from peace of mind knowing you will be in compliance with all applicable legislation.
  • Increase your efficiency and productivity by having all your employee and equipment data easily accessible in one place.
  • Save time and money by having SnapSHOT handle the routine tasks for you automatically.
  • Customize SnapSHOT to suit your needs by making feature requests that are included in your monthly fee.
  • Gain access to industry professionals that can help answer the questions you don't have the answers for.


Pricing is based on the total number of “units” you are going to manage and is backed by our 110% guarantee.  The monthly pricing is:

Cost Per Unit:
Units 1-150: $0.70
Units 151-500: $0.40
Units 500+: $0.25
Calculate Charge:
Number of Drivers/Employees:
Number of Power Units(Vehicles/Equipment):
Number of Trailers:
Total Units:
 Monthly Cost: $